Email Hosting Services


E-mail hosting is serious stuff. Wether we are hosting on our clustered email servers or providing fail over for your own email server, Big B has the capacity to provide a solid email hosting solution. Our robust email hosting features are built on security and availability with flexible options to meet many types of email hosting needs.

It was not long ago when people would ask "do you have an E-mail address?" which quickly became "what is your E-mail address?". Some of us can recall this transition with the fax machine. At Big B Managed Services, we understand the importance of having reliable E-mail solutions and messaging solutions.

Since 1998, Big B Managed Services has been providing enterprise class E-mail services. As we have always kept up to date on new technologies and new threats, we have been able to meet and exceed our clients requirements.

Starting with our secure data center, we have implemented Rock Solid Rockliffe E-mail systems as well as CanIt SPAM Filtering systems. E-mail can be accessed through our Web Browser Interface which has had great success stories from clients traveling all over the world. Most clients enjoy the more robust E-mail clients like Microsoft Outlook, Netscape or Eudora. The Big B Managed Services E-mail server can also provide high volume mailing list capabilities for opt-in lists for your customers.
Rock Solid Software
Custom E-mail Services

  • Hosted E-mail - POP3 / IMAP
  • Managed E-mail - SMTP / DNS / Backup
  • SPAM / Virus Filtering
  • Webmail Access
  • E-mail List Server

Hosted E-mail Services - POP3

MailSite E-mail Servers provide high quality, easy to use E-mail solutions for businesses, enterprises and service providers that require secure, scalable E-mail Hosting software with integrated Anti-SPAM, Anti-Virus, content filtering and attack prevention.

The award-winning Rockliffe MailSite E-mail server and E-mail gateway solutions have been meeting the performance, scalability and reliability requirements of service providers and businesses since 1995. MailSite includes real-time Anti-Virus and Anti-SPAM protection, content and attachment filtering, automatic blocking of denial of service and directory harvest attacks, protection against E-mail fraud including "phishing", and the the ability to enforce corporate E-mail policies.
Managed E-mail - SMTP / DNS / Backup

Big B Managed Services provides a full line of Hosted E-mail services. These services can utilize the Domain, or they can be configured to utilize your own custom Domain ( There is no limit to the number of E-mail accounts that we can attach to your Domain or personal Dial-Up account.

An alias such as can also be setup very easily. Messages to these pseudo E-mail accounts are automatically forwarded to one of your standard E-mail accounts for processing. This allows you to pre-organize your incoming mail and provide anonymity for your personnel (i.e. 'webmaster' instead of 'Bob', 'billing' instead of 'Julie'). Alias' are included at no charge.

Pricing is dependant on the quantity of users being serviced. Contact us for a custom price quote.
Unmanaged solutions (SMTP and DNS)

If your company has it's own server and manages it's own E-mail, Big B Managed Services is happy to Host your DNS for you.
SMTP Mail Store & Forward services

For those clients with large networks and on-site support for company E-mail, Big B Managed Services offers a store-and-forward service which holds your company Internet E-mail on our site until your server logs in to get it. With this service you do not need a dedicated Internet connection to support your mail server.

Many companies are moving to this configuration utilizing low-cost dial-on-demand ISDN connections at pre-programmed regular intervals to retrieve and send mail. This service also allows you to utilize Big B Managed Services's DNS services and keeps you from having to maintain your own DNS server. The service utilizes the SMTP "ETRN" commands to do periodic bulk Internet E-mail transfers with your E-mail server.
Secondary/backup E-mail services (MX20)

This service can also be used to create a backup mail system for your onsite server. In the event of a line outage or server crash on your site, our system will store your mail for up to a week, while you get your systems back online. When you get back online, your mail is automatically forwarded to your server and your clients never knew you had an outage.